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The idea of breakfast has changed. With the convenience of portable foods, the ubiquity of QSRs, and an aisle that’s overwhelming, moms have fewer reasons to feel something for a cereal. 


Giving without expectation opens a world of good. By helping moms feel goodness that goes beyond the bowl, we aimed to increase consumption and drive sales by increasing happiness, not media spend. 


Cheerios launched a nationwide effort to emotionally connect moms with Cheerios through Moments of Good: unexpected,
interactive pop-up events and experiences that rewarded Walmart shoppers and those who were doing good in their local communities. The Moments spanned categories such as education, military and social give-backs, and created millions of sharable moments. 

• We shared 1 million actual moments of good with Walmart shoppers, building positive energy with in-store events, events in local communities, guerilla giveaways in towns across America

• Moments included surprising Walmart shoppers in line with an acapella singing group and Walmart gift cards they could use right there in line; to turning a plot of land that was damaged by a hurricane into a beautiful public garden for a local school; to a pop-up event where people could pick, pack and send care packages to military serving our country


• +25% sales increase in the first month

• Double-digit growth on Cheerios over the
length of the program

• Secured 3 months of “always on” display, earning incremental display beyond initial commitment

• 8MM video views and 430MM media impressions

• Delivered more than 1 million tangible, measurable moments of good through
various activations