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Aldo is a Canadian retailer that owns and operates a worldwide chain of shoe and accessories stores, with nearly 3,000 stores. It prides itself on quality fashion-forward shoes at an attainable price point.


From 5th Avenue to Times Square, shoppers in New York’s neighborhoods expect to experience something very specific. Let’s provide customers, both new and returning, with a customized ALDO experience that taps into each neighborhood’s DNA.


We created CANVAS with ALDO, an exclusive “all-about-NYC” experience in three of New York City’s most iconic neighborhoods: SoHo, Times Square, and 5th Avenue. CANVAS with ALDO came to life through a partnership with 3 artists, at 3 ALDO locations.

The CANVAS with ALDO experience was a live art installation using a spectacular glass truck to house our artists. With ALDO’s spring collection as their canvas and each neighborhood as inspiration, each artist hand painted and personalized ALDO shoes and handbags within this living window display on wheels. 30 lucky shoppers to had their new purchase customized by a bona fide local NYC artist.



By capturing attention in crowed neighborhoods, we gave shoppers
a sense of the excitement ALDO delivers. Each neighborhood ALDO enjoyed a significant increase in foot traffic and sales. 

  • More than a 2X increase in same store traffic vs. last year
  • An increase of 10% in same store revenue vs. last year
  • 30 happy customers left with one-of-a-kind hand-painted pair of shoes or a bag